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Updates to ToS; Please Read!


To my current clients, I apologize for my lack of updates the past couple days. I have been working overtime and have been coming home exhausted every evening. I should be returning to my regular work schedule next week, so I am able to continue working on commissions tonight!


My shedule did not go back to normal unfortunately, I'm still working long hours.
I will be moving to night shift next week though, so I will have free time during the day!
I'm going to do my best to get the halloween poses done in time for Howloween on WH.

Contact Information


[email protected]

About The Artist

aka "peach"
Female | 25

I am a digital artist and amature animator.
I enjoy drawing animals, monsters and fantasy creatures!

Reptiles/AmphibiansMost Seafood
Spicy FoodsSpaghetti
Rain/StormsLarge Groups
Nature/OutdoorsLoud People
Cold Weather/Winter/FallTequila
GamingMost bugs/Spiders
Survival Shows/Movies/Games/Books 

Commission Options


Small (100x100 & under)Large (Up to 200x200)
Static: $4Static: $6
Animated: $6Animated: $8
+$5 Anthro+$5 Anthro

DM for pricing on complex characters and multiple animations!


$10$15$20+$5 Character
+$3 Animation
+$2 Background
+$5 Object/Pet
+$5 Semi-Realistic
+$5 Anthro


Shoulders Up

DM for pricing on complex characters and multiple animations!


$10$15$25+$10 Anthro
+$5 Object/Plush/Pet

DM for pricing on complex characters and animated chibi poses!


$5$10$20$25$35+$10 Anthro
+$5 Object/Plush/Pet

DM for pricing on complex characters and animated poses!

Reference Sheet

1 View $25+$15 View
Name/Info $0+$5 Background Elements
Palette $0+$5 Small Views
Simple Background $0+$10 Anthro
+$10 Character Design

DM for pricing on complex characters!

Full Illustration






Payment & Ordering

I only accept paypal as payment.
Please remember to provide your email so that I can send an invoice.

Invoices will be sent after you approve the concept sketch(s), but you are not required to pay until you are satisfied with the completed piece.

Please use the form below when commissioning me:

  • Userame:

  • Paypal Email:

  • Type:

  • Reference(s):

  • Description:

  • Notes:

You are responsible for paypal fees, they will be calculated in the invoice.

You are not required or expected to tip, but it is appreciated ❤

There is a $10 Anthro Fee.
This means that anything you purchase at a base price will be +$10 if you want anthro.

Terms of Service

When commissioning, giving or receiving my art you agree to my ToS.

Breaking my ToS will result in consequences mentioned below.

I have the right to use all artwork that I create as samples of my work or to display in my portfolios.

You may not upload/share my art without providing copyrights and/or linking to this site or my profiles.

I do not draw NSFW/Fetish artwork.

You may not edit/modify my artwork without explicit permission.

None of my artwork is free unless explicitly stated.

Art that you commission from me is for your use only.

You have permission to use the work, but not to sell or redistribute it without explicit permission.

You may not profit from my artwork without explicit permission.

You may not use my artwork commercially without explicit permission.

You may not include my artwork in the overall price of a character sale, this includes reference sheet remakes.

You may not sell/trade/gift my art to a new owner, with the exception of character designs.

Character ToS

When selling, trading or giving away a character of my creation, you agree to my Character ToS.

You must contact me prior to selling/trading/gifting a character.

You must provide the new owner with a link to my Tos.

Character Sales

Characters and designs that I have created may not be sold for more than they were originally purchased, even if more artwork has been made of the character.

If I created additional artwork for the character, it may not be added to the price of the character sale.

Artwork that I create of the character may be gifted along with the character.

Character Trades

Characters and designs that I have created may not be traded for any kind of currency that is worth more than the character was originally purchased.

You may trade characters that I have created for other characters or art.

Artwork that I create of the character may be gifted along with the character.

Transfer Fees

A small price to pay for redistribution permission.

Pieces -$10Pieces $10+Pieces $50+
$1 Fee$3 Fee$5 Fee

Fees are per piece.
Paypal fees calculated in the invoice.

More Info on Tranfers/Fees

Think of it as a 'license'.

Each piece of art that I make is sold to a single person, that person is the only one with permission to use the artwork.

They have permission to use it, but not to redistribute it.

I don't want people profiting off of my artwork, selling it, giving it away, using it in any way without my knowledge or consent etc.

The small transfer fee is essentially transferring permission to another person.

This method will allow me keep record of where my art/characters are going and know who is breaking ToS by selling/etc.

I understand people wanting to make their money back, but it'll have to be made back in a way that isn't selling my work.

Think of it as you would a 'premade' pose. You can buy permission to use it, but you wouldn't include it in a sale, sell it, or give it away right? The transfer fee is the price for permission, should you choose to part with it.

The fee is only paid to me.


Person A buys a pose of their character.

Person A sells their character to Person B.

If Person B wants the pose I created, they (or Person A) will need to contact me to pay the associated fees to obtain permission to use my work.


If found guilty of breaking my ToS the following consequences will incur, depending on the severety of your actions.

  • You may be blacklisted.

This means that you will no longer be allowed to commission me or publicly use any of my artwork.

I do not condone public blacklisting, but if I am messaged privately about our interactions, information will be given for review purposes.

  • You may have your permissions revoked.

This would happen in more extreme cases.

This would mean that you are blacklisted, no longer allowed to possess my artwork, and no longer own characters that I have created.

If your permissions to my art/characters have been revoked, I will regain full rights and will be able to resell said characters/artwork.

  • You may be reported.

This means that I may need to report the incident to the site administrators.

What the administrators decide to do with the situation on their site will be up to them, though my ToS Consequences will still apply.


Refunds will not be given unless they meet the following criteria.

You will be responsible for paypal fees.

  • Accidental Overpayment

You will receive either a full refund so that you can send the correct amount or I will refund the difference.

  • Cancelled Commission

If I cancel a commission you may receive a partial refund.

You may receive the completed portion and a refund of the value of the amount that was not completed.

If you cancel the commission you will not receive a refund.

You are not entitled to any refunds if you break my ToS.

I have the right to redeem any blacklisted persons or ToS breakers.

Current Queue

Wanna keep an eye on progress?
This queue will be updated as often as possible so that we can all keep track of things :>

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YukaFlat Chibi0/4 StartedInvoice Not Sent

To-Do List

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